The online procedure and display of DETE academic information introduced by St. Xavier's Technical Institute is for further enhancing the joy of excellence in a world of high technology with the introduction of online maintenance of academic records, especially pertaining to attendance of students.The objective of this is to simplify procedures concerned with the maintenance of academic record books, where the primary aim is to keep track of attendance of students, both for lectures as well as practicals. Online reports of the daily status of attendance of students for all lectures and practicals conducted during the day can be accessed during any time of the semester by all visitors.
Besides the above, other important academic information related to timetables, teaching and examination scheme, syllabus of all semesters, etc. is continuously updated and can be accessed online. Information/ reports related to periodic tests and term work performance of students is also made available under the National Board of Accreditation link.
Recent posts related to other academic information, co-curricular activities and events are also regularly updated and displayed here, with images and videos.




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